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Frequently Asked Enterprise Questions

Do you have questions about our service?   If so, we have the answers.

Q: What are the benefits of a fixed wireless infrastructure?
A: The value proposition of the NWNC fixed wireless delivery method is that it bypasses the local copper telco plant and provides a direct connection to the data center through one or two hops, which provides very low latency and very few points of failure. Additionally, bandwidth costs are 50-75% less than comparable telco rates for the same CIR, and unlike traditional telco offerings, you can burst your bandwidth to full circuit capacity. I.e. buy a 1 Mb/s CIR circuit and burst to a available capacity.

Q: Could you provide a high-level description of your Intra-Data Center business model?
A: NWNC strives to provide the most reliable customer-to-center access available. We use completely redundant routing and switching infrastructures (top of the line Cisco equipment) and peer with leading Internet backbones to provide excellent redundancy and Tier-1 peering for our up-stream links. Additionally, we have a microwave link into the building to provide additional diversity so as to protect our customers from fiber-based outages. Overall, we aim to provide the highest possible level of quality combined with the most competitive pricing schedule.

Q: Could you provide some technical details for your Fixed Wireless solution versus a typical DS3 fiber solution?
A: NWNC has a Wireless network overlay covering the Bloomington-Normal and much of McLean County, the downtown Peoria area and many outlying communities, and the Kewanee, IL area with redundant high bandwidth microwave backhauls connecting tower sites throughout the area. These tower sites are connected in a ring structure, with the terminus of the ring being our primary data center located in Bloomington. At the data center, we have a fully redundant switching and routing infrastructure peered with multiple Tier-1 networks. Via our standard interconnection hardware, our wireless network can offer end user speeds of up to DS3 bandwidths. Greater speeds of up to gigE are possible with a more customized build-out. With this type of diversity and peering, we feel we can offer you the highest level of quality and reliability, without making you pay the highest cost.

Q: Is NWNC service available in all areas?
A:Currently, we offer service to customers located in areas shown on our Network Coverage link.

Q: Is a 'Line of Sight' required to obtain NWNC Service?
A:Not in all locations. In order to establish the best connection to our network, the antenna mounted on your office building must have a clear line of sight to one our transmitters. Obstacles such as dense foliage or buildings could impact your line of sight and prevent a clear signal. If service is requested, prior to installing the equipment, we will test your signal strength and determine if an adequate service signal is available. If it is determined that we can not complete the installation due to obstacles or other signal issues, NWNC will waive the installation fee and cancel the installation.

Q: What type of SLA do you offer your customers?
A: We are happy to offer all of our customers the same 24x7 SLA.


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