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Frequently Asked Consumer Questions

Do you have questions about our service?   If so, we have the answers.

Q: Do I need to commit to a long-term contract in order to subscribe to one of your Consumer plans?
A: Not at all. Our Residential Plans are offered with either no contract, but a higher install fee or a contract period with a discounted install fee.

Q: Is E-mail included as part of your service, or do I have to pay extra for this?
A: The Basic Plan comes with 5 free accounts and the Advanced and Extreme Plans comes with 10 free accounts. Just select a username, and we'll take care of the rest.

Q: What type of equipment is needed for installation?
A: A typical installation consists of an externally mounted antenna and radio unit (usually a flat panel 12 inches square). Any equipment mounted externally must be mounted with a clear line of sight to our nearest base station, so this usually requires placement on the rooftop or upper floors of your home or office. Our installers will strive to find a location which enables a strong signal, yet is as unobtrusive as possible. We provide a single ethernet jack on the Internally mounted radio power supply that you can plug into your router, as desired, for distribution to your in-house network. Each radio requires an AC outlet and we recommend a surge protected outlet for power.

Q: Can I install the equipment myself?
A: No - FCC regulations require the equipment to be professionally installed by a trained installer similar to Satellite TV. Our installers make sure you are connected with the highest possible signal available. However, upon cancellation of service you may de-install the antenna and mail it back to us to save the $75 equipment removal fee.

Q: Is a 'Line of Sight' required to obtain NWNC Service?
A:Maybe. In order to establish the best connection to our network, the antenna mounted on your home or office should have a clear line of sight to one our transmitters. Obstacles such as dense foliage or buildings could impact your line of sight and prevent a clear signal. In some areas NWNC has licensed 2.5Ghz 4G Wimax coverage that can work in some non-line of site conditions. If service is requested, prior to installing the equipment, we will test your signal strength and determine if an adequate service signal is available. If it is determined that we can not complete the installation due to obstacles or other signal issues you will not be charged for the trip.

Q: Does your plan have usage caps on the amount of data transfered like Cellular data or Satellite Internet plans?
A: Currently customers that are served from a tower site utilizing unlicensed frequency band line-of-site radio equipments have NO usage caps. For users that are served using licensed 4G Frequencies, due to limited spectrum availability we have to implement usage thresholds to make sure all users get their fair share of available resources. Unlike cellular data these are NOT caps that disable your service upon reaching them, but are a threshold where a customers max speed is moved to a tier of 1/4 of the Normal Max speeds for the plan they subscribe to. For example, a customer on the Basic 4M/1M plan would be rate limited to 1M/256k for the remainder of the month upon reaching their data usage threshold.

Q: What are these Usage Thresholds for your 4G Licensed service?
A: Data thresholds are as follows: Extreme plan 25/3 Mbps max Speed 500 GB monthly data transfer usage, Dual Stream Plan 10/2 Mbps Max Speed 200GB monthly data transfer usage, Streaming Plan 6/1.5 Mbps Max Speed 150GB monthly data transfer usage, Basic Plan 4/1 Mbps Max Speed 100 GB monthly data transfer usage, Former legacy plans: Lite Plan 2 Mbps/512 kbps Max Speed 50GB monthly data transfer usage, other legacy plans with slower speeds 25 GB monthly data transfer usage.

Q: Are there any time periods that are exempted from the usage threshold?
A: Yes, like certain Satellite Internet plans we have added the concept of a late night free zone from 2am-5am CST. This is the ideal time to set your PC to download updates and fixes as data transfer during this time is NOT included when calculating your monthly data usage.

Q: Is NWNC service available in all areas?
A:Currently, we offer service in the areas shown on our network coverages page.

Q: What is your service restoration policy in the event of an outage?
A:Like all utility companies (Telephone, Electric,Cable) we prioritize service responses based on the number of customers affected by the outage. Internet backbone issues affecting multiple tower sites are priority 1, Outages at a single tower site are priority 2, Commercial business customers with a service level agreement (SLA) are next, followed by outages at single residential customers whose service is sold on a "Best Efforts" basis.

Q: Why do my calls go straight to voicemail when I call your customer service number?
A:There could be a few reasons for this: 1. We are on the phone with other customers, 2. You are calling from a number that blocks caller id info, so our PBX doesn't know how to route the call. 3. You are calling after business hours.

Q: What is your policy on billing credits?
A: Residential Internet service is provided on a best efforts basis, just like DSL,cable,or Cell data plans. NWNC may provide a pro-rated billing credit when an outage is caused by a failure on our part. To qualify for a credit, the following conditions must be met: 1. Customer called in the outage at the time of occurance and worked with customer service to determine if the problem was caused by customers equipment such as home router or computer. 2. Outage was not caused by an act of God, such as a thunderstorm that causes the electric utility to lose power. 3. Your account balance is NOT Past Due. 4. Your request for credit is made within 30 days of the event by email to

Q: How are billing credits calculated?
A: Billing credits are based upon the monthly bandwidth charge for the plan you are on. We then multiple that by 12 and divide by 365 to get a daily rate. That Daily rate is then multiplied by the number of 24 hour periods that the credited outage lasted. All calculations are rounded to 2 decimal points. Equipment Lease fees are NOT subject to credit adjustments as those are pass-thru fees paid to the equipment leasing company and are owed on a monthly basis as long as the equipment is installed at the customers location.

Q: I'm moving How do I cancel service after my initial term has been completed?
A: As stated in our Terms of Service Agreement, you are required to give 30 days notice in advance of your next billing date. This notice can be given by email to, by calling us at 309-275-5557 and speaking with a live agent during business hours, or by postal mail to: New Wave Net Corp, PO Box 5284, Bloomington, IL 61702. We will also discuss your options for return of your leased Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)

Q: I just found out that NWNC service is not yet available in my neighborhood. Is there a way to find out when service might be available in my area?
A: We are growing daily and are focused on expanding into areas that are in need of local internet services. If you're in an area that does not have an internet option available, or if you're just interested in finding out when we'll be reaching your neighborhood, drop us a line at We welcome hearing from you.

Q: You describe your business service as 'Symmetrical'. What does that mean?
A: A symmetrical link is one in which the data is transferred at the same rate both upstream and downstream. This means that you will experience the fastest connection possible, whether you're downloading data (e.g. surfing the web, opening e-mails, or watching streaming video), or uploading data (e.g. entering in a new URL link, or sending e-mails).  While many companies boast high-speed connections, if you look at the fine print, you'll frequently find a disclaimer indicating that the referenced speeds are for 'downloads' only and that the upload speed is a fraction of the advertised rate. With NWNC, you get fast speed.

Q: Once setup, can I network the equipment to other computers?
A: Yes - under our Residential plans you can utilize a router to share the connection with additional computers in your home. However, you may not share the service with other homes, businesses, or additional third-parties without the explicit written consent of NWNC.

Q: I would like to connect additional home computers to my network but don't know how. Can NWNC help?
A: Yes - once installed with primary service, NWNC staff are available for additional support and custom configurations at a rate of $75/hr. If you would like additional support, please feel free to contact us.

Q: Are there restrictions I should be aware of relative to NWNC service?
A: There are no unusual restrictions associated with service apart from the normal terms and conditions associated with any internet connection. For details, please reference your subscriber agreement and acceptable use policy.

Q: Does NWNC monitor traffic use?
A: Yes - In an effort to ensure that all customers experience the best speeds available, NWNC reserves the right to monitor traffic and treat certain types of traffic with a lower priority on the network. Such lower priority traffic may include file-sharing applications such as Kazaa, and Morpheus, etc.

Q: What type of radios do you use for the Residential Service Plans?
A: The specific type of radio we use for each home/office varies depending on the type of plan selected as well as the distance from the tower. Depending on your local tower, we have four radio options for the residential plans. 1) A 900
Mhz radio capable of supporting up to 6 Mb/s data speeds, 2) A 2.5Ghz 4G Wimax radio capable of supporting up to 12 Mb/s data speeds, 3) A 3.65 Ghz WiMax radio capable of supporting up to 6 Mb/s data speeds and 4) A 5Ghz radio capable of supporting up to 100 Mb/s data speeds.

Q: I've noticed that when I'm surfing the web, certain web sites are slower than others. What causes this behavior?
A: No matter how fast your connection speed is to the internet, there are certain factors that can affect your download performance times on the internet. Factors that govern such speed include:
- The performance of the server hosting the target web site
- The bandwidth of the connection between the web site's server and the Internet
- The type of file transfer being used (FTP file transfers download at higher speeds than HTML web pages)
- Backbone usage
- Router latency
- Internet traffic patterns - Certain times of the day tend to have higher internet traffic than others
- Your PC (Some internal PC components may impose speed limitations, commonly seen with older computers)

Q: Why can we not watch ESPN3 online?
A: A few customers have asked about the availability of ESPN3. ESPN3 is the sports network’s online video streaming service. To watch ESPN3 your service provider (in this case New Wave Net) has to pay ESPN for access. Why don’t we do that? The simple answer is that we feel it is poor business model when applied to the Internet, and an incredibly slippery slope that will end badly for everyone. ESPN’s plan is to recreate the Cable TV business model on the Internet. The Cable TV model is this: •The networks (HBO, ESPN, ABC, etc.) negotiate deals with the cable company to carry the networks channels. The deal requires the cable company to pay X dollars per customer per month for the cable company to carry the networks programming. •The contract specifies that all of the network’s channels must be carried, not just the popular ones. Why there are 50 junk channels? Because the contract says if you want to have Oprah you also have to pay for and carry our 12 other channels. Combine the junk channels from a dozen networks and you have Cable TV. 150 channels that you pay for, 3 that you actually watch. Why does cable TV costs so much? It’s not because the cable companies are greedy. Ok, they probably are, but the bigger reason is that they are forced to pay ever increasing fees to the networks for content. The ‘provider pays’ model is the way cable TV works. There are a lot of reasons that it should not be applied to the Internet: •It raises our costs (and the cost of your Internet service) to pay for something the majority of customers do not watch. •There are a huge number of sources of content on the Internet. The service provider negotiating with every content provider on the Internet is unworkable. •Fees will escalate over time. If ESPN’s model succeeds there is nothing to stop Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, or even Google from demanding the same type of business model. The day that happens the cost of Internet service is going to skyrocket. I can easily see content costs adding hundreds of dollars a month to the cost of Internet service. Cable TV is a naturally limited model in that the network can only carry a few dozen networks and a few hundred channels. The Internet is unlimited in the amount of content it can carry. Do we really want to recreate a service where your content choices depend on the networks your service provider subscribes to? ESPN refuses to sell a subscription directly to an end user. If you would like ESPN to change this feel free to tell them about it:

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