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Residential Access Solutions


If you're looking for business grade internet for your home or home office, NWNC has several solutions available to meet your needs. All of our Plans offer a reliable 'always-on' connection at a fraction of the cost of Satellite Internet, Cellular Data or slow DSL.

In building our network from the ground up, we have taken the approach of using only the highest class of equipment and have peered directly with the nations leading fiber carriers, to ensure that you, the customer, receive only the best in technology, security, and support.

Basic Plan
Streamimg Plan
Dual Streaming Plan
Advanced Broadband Plan
Up to 4 Mbps Download / 1 MBps Upload Speeds
Up to 6 Mbps Download/1.5 Mbps Upload Speeds
Up to 10 Mbps Download/2 Mbps Upload Speeds
Up to 25 Mbps Download/3 Mbps Upload Speeds
> Dynamic IP address
> free antivirus & antispam filtering
> One time Standard Installation Fee of $150 with 12 month contract term.
> above pricing reflects $5/month discount for Automatic ACH payment from bank account
Prices do Not include CPE lease fee of $10/m for unlicensed band LOS equipment or $20/m for 4G licensed band NLOS equipment.

For additional details on our Residential service plans, please check out our Consumer FAQ page, or contact Us to have one of our engineers perform a site survey of your location.

If you are interested in higher bandwidth allocations, please reference our Business Access page.

The business grade internet you've always dreamed of!
Please contact us today to schedule your installation.
Customer Service Line 309-275-5557

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