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Custom Access Solutions

Ever setup a Cisco GSR, a redundant millimeter wave laser backhaul, or a campus wide wireless network?.....We have.

Allow NWNC to help you in designing and implementing solutions to your complex business needs, or assist with unfamiliar network configurations.

A Summary of Areas where we may be of assistance:

  > Router/Switch Installation and Configuration
> Server Installation and Configuration
> Private VLANS to link branch locations over our Wireless Network
> Backhaul Solutions for Copper, Fiber, Microwave, or Laser
> Campus Networks for both Wired and Wireless environments

When combined with other NWNC products, we will provide initial consulting in the above matters free of charge. For larger projects, we offer reasonably priced time and materials based consulting. We won’t waste your time with jargon and marketing. We simply work hand in hand with you to deliver quality results as rapidly as possible.

Contact us for a detailed quote regarding your custom needs!
Info Line 309-200-2043


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