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Dialup Access Solutions

NWNC Offers Nationwide 56K V90 Dialup Modem service

Dial Up Connectivity
Reliable! Fast! Affordable! Nationwide!

We now provide local access numbers in over 4000 communities across the nation!

NWNC provides reliable, fast and affordable 56K/v.90 Unlimited Dial Up access across the nation. As a professional Internet Service Provider (ISP), A5 provides you with high quality service and toll-free, Technical Customer Support. We've got everything you need for all your online activities.

Your NWNC Dial Up Service would include:

  • Fast access up to 56 Kbps/v.90 modem pool

  • Access nationwide

  • Available Dial up Acceleration more information

  • Free customer support via phone or email

  • Real People answer our phones and email

  • Free spam filtering

  • Free virus protection

  • Free 10 MB of space for a personal home page

  • Free 5 email accounts

  • Great Customer Service - with 24 by 7 support

Unlimited dial up service ALL for...
OR $50/Quarterly (that's $16.67/mo.!)
OR $150/Yearly (that's $12.50/mo.!)
Info Line 309-200-2043


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