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News and Updates

Check back frequently for updates on our service and expansion!

Winter Installation policy in effect.
As safety of our installation staff is top priority we will not schedule customer installations when roofs are wet, ice or snow covered or when temps are below freezing. An installation takes about 2 hours and medical Professionals have advised frost bite can occur with-in 15 minutes and hypothermia within 30 minutes of exposure. No one is willing to risk their helth or life for a $150 install fee. We will get you installed as soon as safely possible.

Dec 2017 We would like to wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our customers. We will be closed for Christmas Sat Dec 23rd-Monday Dec 25th and for New Years Sat Dec 30-Monday Jan 1st. While office staff and customer service will be closed we will still have a tech monitoring the network 24/7 for any network or tower site outages.

June 2017 New Tower sites going online this Summer include Toulon, Princeville, Duncan, Speer.

May 2017 New Wyoming IL tower site launched.

Referral bonus
We are now offering incentives to our favorite people, You! Anyone who refers a new customer will be entitled to a credit on their bill after the referral pays their 3rd invoice. Referral discounts are $25 for a new residential customer, and $50 for a new commercial customer.

Free up you phone line and reduce your monthly phone bill!
If you're interested in elimination of your Frontier or ATT phone line as well as reducing hefty long-distance charges, New Wave Net Broadband Internet service provides the perfect platform for VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).

July 2016 New Neponset Water Tower-site launched.
We have signed a lease with the village to provide service from the water tower, We will begin installing customers in August.

June 2014 New Bradford Area Tower-site launched.
We have completed the turn-up activities for a new Bradford IL tower.

August 2013 New Wave Net welcomes former Njoy Communications customers in Peoria area.
We have purchased the Operational Assets of Njoy Communications in Peoria, Morton, Washington, Deer Creek, and Mackinaw, IL.

February 2012 New Wave Net welcomes former Hibeam customers in Peoria area.
We have purchased the 4G Wimax Operational Assets of Hibeam in Peoria, Dunlap, Chillicothe, Germantownhills, Metamora and Washington.

August 2011 New Kewanee IL Tower-site launched.
We have completed the turn-up activities for a new Kewanee IL tower.

Anti-Virus/Spam filtering introduced to all email servers
We have added anti-spam & virus filtration to all email servers to stave off the current waves of email borne viruses.

All users of email will notice that Spam filtering is now being applied to your mailbox.


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